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Water Damage Carpet and Floor Repairs Sydney

We provide Emergency Restoration Services for Residential and Commercial businesses experiencing flood and water damaged wet carpets, wet floors and wet structure materials. Our restoration services are available for everyone across Sydney and surrounding suburbs in Sydney.

Whether you have experienced a disaster such as random flooding or an unexpected water leak which has damaged your carpet or floors, we are available for all Emergency services including Emergency Carpet Cleaning and Wet Carpet Restoration across all of Sydney.

Our qualified team of professionals who have years of experience dealing with Emergency Water Damaged Wet Carpets can clean your Flooded Wet Carpets and dry all types of Carpets, Rugs, Mattresses, furniture and Structural materials like walls, ceilings and every type of floor e.g wooden, timber, vinyl, tile, cement, and concrete etc.

We offer all our customers the highest quality services in relation to Water Damage Restoration, from start to finish we are here to assist you to take away the stress and inconvenience that such a disaster situation causes to you and your family. We understand how important it is to act quickly whilst ensuring the most cost effective methods for everyone involved in the process. Our state of the art technology and equipment ensures the best possible outcome for wet carpet water extraction solutions relating to Carpet Water Damage from leaks or flood waters. We aim to arrive within the hour, our qualified team are on-call and available around the clock, 24-7, 365 days a week including holidays. 24-7 Recovery Disaster has an extremely fast response time and offers the best solutions to suit all your Carpet Drying needs.

24-7 Recovery Disaster’s Wet Carpet Repair and Carpet Water Damage Restoration services include but are not limited to: Turning off and removing electrical appliances which may be near flood affected areas, moving furniture away from Water Damaged areas such as floors, carpets and walls. We specialise in Carpet Water Extraction, Carpet Drying and offer Free delivery and Free pick up of all Carpet Drying Equipment such as Air dryers/Air movers/Commercial Dehumidifiers etc. We also offer anti-bacterial treatment and provide insurance reports.

24-7 Recovery Disaster specialise in:

  • Emergency Wet Carpet and Floor Water Extraction.
  • Installing Drying Equipment.
  • Installing Carpet Dryers/Air movers/Commercial Dehumidifiers.
  • Drying Wet Carpets and Underlay.
  • Replacing Underlay and Carpet.
  • Removal of Carpet/Underlay and Rubbish.
  • Moisture readings.
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • Carpet Cleaning post restoration.
  • Mould Damage Mitigation and Restoration.
  • Antimicrobial treatments.

What to do when an Emergency Water disaster strikes:

  • Don’t panic, stay calm and call 0493 218 883 any time of day or night, we operate 24-7, 365 days a week, including holidays.
  • Ensure to contain the leak e.g turn the water source off (if it’s safe to do so). This will help to stop any further water damage from occurring or spreading.
  • Turn off any electrical equipment near the flood affected areas (if safe to do so).
  • Apply aluminium foil under any of the furniture legs that has come into contact with water, or better yet move the furniture out of the way if safe to do so.
  • Get rid of any household items such as shoes, books, plants, etc as they may stain the carpet and of course become damaged due to the water damage.
  • Removing as many things out of the way also makes it easier for us to dry the affected areas.
  • Know that you are in trusted hands and we will arrive to assist you as soon as we can. You are being looked after by a friendly team of professionals who specialise in all aspects of the restoration process so rest assured we will take care of you.

Procedures on arrival: 

Step 1: Someone from our team of qualified professionals will attend the site where the disaster has occured. We will perform one or all of the following; Water extraction from the carpet, or floors, lift the carpet and underlay and install dryers, take moisture readings and thermal imaging if any structure is affected.

Step 2: If need be technicians will install our drying equipment e.g air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry the carpets, carpet backing, underlay, floors, and building structure. We will also treat and deodorise by using anti-microbial/sanitising/mould treatments etc.

Stage 3: The technicians will return to the site upon your approval to re-assess and check the progress of the drying. We will monitor and re-assess until we are certain all aspects of the drying process have been performed to IICRC standards.

Stage 4: Upon job completion the technicians will remove their equipment/clean and relay the carpets and then provide you with the invoice and full report for you to keep and pass onto your insurers if need be.

Category 3: Sewage water AKA ‘’ black water ‘’ 

If your premises has been affected by sewage it is immediately deemed unsanitary and we cannot and will not attempt carpet restoration. The sewage affected carpet must be removed and disposed of and the floor to be treated, sanitised and deodorised. We follow IICRC standards and according to Australian standards they do not allow restoration of sewage affected items.

We specialise in floor care including timber floors, concrete and carpet. Our friendly team of professionals across Sydney also specialises in drying walls and ceilings caused from Emergency Floods and leaks.

Our Sydney team can deliver and set this up for you for free. We cater to everyone whether you’re insured or not, whether it’s residential or commercial, carpets or floors our team operates 24-7 and is ready to assist you in all aspects of your Restoration process including but not limited to Water Damage Emergency Flood Cleaning, Drying Wet Carpet Services, Dehumidifier Hire, Air Blower Hire, Wet Carpet Repair, Structural drying. We always ensure our main focus is to assist you in getting your home or business back to its pre-water damaged condition.


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Emergency Restoration Services for Water Damaged Businesses and homes across Sydney NSW.