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Carpet Restoration Equipment Hire

Industrial-grade Carpet Restoration Equipment Hire

If you’ve come across our page because you’ve been searching online for a carpet restoration solution then there’s a high chance that you need a damaged or wet carpet sorted out! Since you’re already looking up what services can possibly help, the best thing we could advise you to do is: call a professional! Our team is ready to provide you with 24/7 effective carpet restoration equipment hire. There is absolutely no benefit to you choosing to dry your wet or water-damaged carpet on your own. This is especially important to consider because there is no telling how bacteria and mould can settle into your carpet and its underlay.

Our team can provide a free assessment, set up and delivery of all the carpet restoration equipment you need, so you’ll have a professionally reliable solution ready to get the job done right.

Before you decide to bring out the bath towels and paper roll to get this done on your own, remember that there is no visible way for you to tell if the water damage has begun to seep beneath the top layers of your carpet. Don’t take the risk! Our team can assist you with a stress-free solution, especially if you have the right insurance. That means you only need to leave the job to us, and we’ll look after the process of reporting and photo taking, so you can make a successful claim. We are always ready to wait for your claim to be processed before you pay us, so you don’t have to worry needlessly.

Understanding the Types of Carpet Drying Equipment for Hire

When it comes to assisting our clients with a professional solution for their water-damaged carpets, our consultants and technicians are always helpful and informative. Upon assessment of the water damage that’s been done to your property, we can certainly recommend an effective combination of industrial-grade equipment to remedy the problem. We typically receive requests by clients for help with carpets affected by burst pipes, Washing machine leaks, bathroom overflow, flexi hose burst or Torrential rain storm damage. To remedy these situations, we can provide:

  • Carpet dryers to restore your carpet and underlay carpet are lifted correctly by our technician dryers installed underneath the carpet to dry underlay as well as the carpet.
  • Carpet blowers as required, and
  • Commercial dehumidifiers to extract water and moisture from your Contents ie: carpet, underlay, furniture and structure e.g. walls, ceilings, sub-floors

Equipment we use

  • Dryers/blowers
  • Commercial dehumidifiers
  • Floor mat/dryers
  • Heat drying system
  • Air scrubbers

We are also thorough in our work, and our professionals will be prepared to ensure that your walls, carpet, underlay as well as sub-floors and structures are dried to a safe and hygienic state while we check the drying process with our moisture readings and thermal imaging devices.

As our team is able to provide high-quality, serviceable equipment that is specialised for carpet restoration and carpet water damage repair, you can always trust in our ability to quickly resolve your water damage situation. Whether this has occurred in your home, rental property, or at a commercial space, you should never take the chance and try to get this done on your own. While plenty of individuals might consider being able to save a dollar or two with a ‘DIY’ solution, there is simply no telling how mould and bacterial growth could cause additional problems to your health down the road!

Contact Our Team of Professionals for Effective Carpet Drying Solutions across Australia

No job is too big or small when it comes to our ability to help with waterlogged or water damaged carpets. As we have worked with a number of different clients in various property types, our team at 24-7 Recovery Disaster can certainly help you to find the right water damage carpet equipment to quickly resolve your issues. Call us right away on 0493 218 883 to know more.

A medical Centre (Just one of the many businesses we have recently assisted after they experienced a water leak).
We have assisted hundreds of properties across Australia after they experienced water damage to their home.