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Emergency Flood Damage

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services in Brisbane

Our team of Professional Technicians at 24-7 Recovery Disaster operate around the clock, 24-7, including holidays to assist anyone in Brisbane who is in need of Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services. Our Emergency Flood Damage Restoration response team will answer your call immediately to discuss your situation and get a team out immediately to assess what Emergency Flood Removal services need to be performed. We specialise in Flood Drying, Flood Removal, Flood Damage Cleaning, Wet Carpet Drying, Water Damage, Floor Repairs, Floor Restoration, Drying Wet Structure, Drying Wooden Floors etc. Our team is owned and operated by members with over 14 years experience so you can rest assured that we know everything when it comes to Water Damage and Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services. 24-7 Recovery Disaster in Brisbane specialise in Residential drying and Commercial Drying of properties across Australia.

We are located in Albion, North Brisbane. We are open 24-7 and place a high priority on anyone experiencing water damage in the Brisbane region. Upon our arrival we will assess, and inform you what Emergency drying, repairs and Water Damage Clean-up needs to be performed.

Emergency Flood Damage Brisbane services from $300

Water Damage Clean-up from $250

Flood Drying Brisbane

When Mother Nature strikes causing heavy rains and sometimes rapid flooding, flood waters can soon enter your home or business unexpectedly, we don’t have the power over natural causes such as flooding in Brisbane, but we do have the power to rectify the situation and restore any water damage that may have entered your home or commercial business. Flooding can not only affect the structure of your home but also your home contents.

The quicker you call 24-7 Recovery Disaster, the greater the chance becomes that we can completely restore all your home and contents back to its pre-water damaged condition.
Our team of Flood Water Damage Restoration Professionals in Brisbane offer 24-7 Flood Water Removal and Emergency Flood Drying. For further help and assistance call our rapid response team at our Water Damage Brisbane office on 0493 218 883.

Flood Removal Brisbane

Water can quickly become a destructive hassle to any premises when it comes from storm damage, leaky or burst pipes, window leaks on heavy rains etc. In the case of an Emergency Water Damage situation 24-7 Recovery Disaster can arrive at your Flood affected home or business and quickly begin Emergency Water Removal.

We provide a full clean-up using the latest equipment and technology to ensure the fastest drying time saving you unnecessary stress and money. We pride ourselves on having top of the line Commercial dryers, Commercial Dehumidifiers, Air scrubbers, Air movers, Wet Vacuum Extraction Equipment, Moisture Readers and Thermal Imaging Cameras to assist us in providing you the best possible service and restoring your home or business back to its original condition. When a Water Damage Flood or Leak strikes it’s important that you act quickly by calling us as soon as the Flood occurs so that we can quickly dry out Wet Carpet, Wet Floors, Wet Structure and contents to prevent any mould damage or other permanent damage from occurring.
Emergency Flood Damage Services
Do you have Wet Carpets? Have you experienced a flood or burst pipe? Whatever the case may be you may be requiring urgent Water Extraction and Flood Damage Clean up services? 24-7 Recovery Disaster are one of Brisbane’s leading Emergency Flood Damage Restoration service providers and are waiting on standby to assist you with your Flood Emergency Water Damage issue immediately.

For all Flood or Water Damage Emergencies you can call us whenever you need to, no matter what time of day, even on holidays. 24-7 Recovery Disaster is ready to assess your Water Damage crisis and get started with Flood Water Removal Services to leave your Brisbane home or Commercial business completely dry, sanitised and good as new.

Flood Damage Clean-up

Our goal is to arrive at your home or business where the flood or water leak has occurred and quickly perform water mitigation, drying and water damage clean-up services as quickly and effectively as possible saving our customers time, hassle and money.

It’s important when you experience a flood or water leak to call the professionals, 24-7 Recovery Disaster knows that Water Damage Repairs and Flood Damage Clean-up involves a special process that shouldn’t be performed without on-going professional training and industry experience. Call our local team of professionals with over 14 years of experience to ensure your Property’s structure remains intact and without any long-term water damage effects occurring. 24-7 Recovery Disaster pride ourselves on being skilled Emergency Flood Response Professionals.

Flood Repair Services

24-7 Recovery Disaster operates across Australia in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney 24-7, 365 days a year including holidays. Our team of skilled Flood Repair Professionals are ready to assist you no matter what the situation is. Our team will arrive and perform water extraction where there is standing water, we will then use our Commercial Air Dryers and Commercial Dehumidifiers along with Air scrubbers and Anti-Mould and Bacteria Cleaning Solutions. We perform moisture readings to assess all Flood Water Damaged areas and use Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect moisture and water which is undetectable to the naked eye.

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