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Water Damage Carpet and Floor Repairs Como

Water Damage Carpet and Floor Repairs Como

If you leave your carpet and structure of your home or business wet due to Water Damage the risk of permanent damage becomes much greater, not only to your carpet but to your health. That’s why our team at Como specialises in Emergency Flood Cleaning and are committed to ensuring we carry out all restoration methods regarding Wet Carpet Services promptly and efficiently, so that your home maintains it’s cleanliness and to ensure you and your family remain  in a safe, mould free environment.

Our team at Como uses the latest technology equipment to ensure we dry your wet carpets, floors and structure in the quickest and most effective way possible. We use a Dri-Eaz Rover High Volume Extractor (HVE) the HVE’s purpose is to easily remove water, ensuring the Water Damage Restoration process is straightforward and most importantly cost-effective for everyone.

The front loading wheels and polymer glide seals on the HVE enables transportation to be simple and easy, the HVE has a joystick and 2-speed control which allows the user to extract water from up to 1,200 Square feet per usage, monitoring the Water Extraction process is easy as it showcases a clear tube for easy viewing and monitoring from start to finish.

Once the water from the affected surface has been cleaned and extracted we then move onto the next process which is to further dry the wet surface using another gadget called the Dri-Eaz and other types of various Commercial fans. Our equipment can be left on for 24 hours but they can also be left on throughout the day and turned off at night and vice versa, if need be. Our Air Scrubber Filtration systems are placed in common areas that produce minimal air flow to assist with removing harmful contaminants that may pose a risk to you, your family and any one else who visits the affected premises. Our goal is to always ensure your air is filtered, cleaned and safe for living conditions.

We specialise in floor care including timber floors, concrete and carpet. Our Sutherland team also specialises in drying walls and ceilings caused from Emergency Floods and leaks.

Our friendly team at Como can deliver and set this up for you for free. We cater to everyone whether you’re insured or not, whether it’s residential or commercial, carpets or floors our team operates 24-7 and is ready to assist you in all aspects of your Restoration process including but not limited to Water Damage Emergency Flood Cleaning, Drying Wet Carpet Services, Dehumidifier Hire, Air Blower Hire, Wet Carpet Repair, Structural drying. We always ensure our main focus is to assist you in getting your home or business back to its pre-water damaged condition.

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