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Water Damage Carpet and Floor Repairs Royal National Park

Water Damage Carpet and Floor Repairs Royal National Park

When your home or business gets completely flooded or inundated with water in any area whether it be from a storm, flood, leaks or burst pipe it is extremely important to start the restoration process as soon as possible and in the correct manner.

That is where 24-7 Recovery Disaster comes in. Our qualified team of locals at Royal National Park provide 24-7, 365 days a week services. First our team will arrive at the site to assess the damage and perform moisture readings, extract the water and then complete the drying process by installing equipment such as Air movers, and Commercial Dehumidifiers. The quicker you call us after the Emergency Water Damage situation the better chance we have at restoring your home in the quickest most cost effective manner. By calling us immediately it prevents growth, stains and mould from forming.

Our local team of professionals at Royal National Park use the latest equipment and technology to assist with extracting water from your carpets and water-damaged floors to ensure they are dried as quickly as possible. If you wait too long and your carpets are unsalvageable or you just choose to get rid of them and replace them then we can assist you in removing and disposing of the old, unwanted carpet and drying the underlay reading for your new carpet to be laid. We can also assist you in installing new carpet as we have a team of professional carpenters in Royal National Park who can help you from start to finish.

Our team can assist you in all aspects of your restoration process by removing all furniture and electricals from the affected flood damaged areas, removing moisture from the underlay and applying mould treatment and anti-bacterial solutions, we ensure the underlay is dry and then re-stretch/re-lay the carpet before performing the last step by steam cleaning and deodorising all affected areas. Whether your situation has affected lino floors, timber, wood, tiles or carpet we’ve got you covered. Commercial or residential, uninsured or insured 24-7 Recovery Disaster is here to help in restoring your home or business in Royal National Park back to its pre-water damaged state.

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